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Clever closet company website redesign emma wright em designs

I’m so absolutely thrilled to unveil my latest and greatest website design. I was lucky enough to meet Sally from The Clever Closet Company at a lecture that I gave earlier in the year, and aside from wanting some consultations about how to manager her social media accounts, Sally was most interested right from the outset about redesigning her website.

Clever Closet Company is run by Sally Hart, a certified storage designer and professional organiser, who takes personal pride in the change that she can make in her customers homes, and the strong relationships that she develops with her customers over the course of her projects. Clever Closet Company creates beautifully functional and organised homes through intelligent design, and subsequently her website had to work together with this vision.


As with many of the customers that I see, the biggest problem that Sally had was that the website she had, she couldn’t use. While it was supposed to have a back-end CMS installed that she could update with her new and wonderful project images, it was as clunky as a 1969 Delorean, and in that regard, matched the visuals of the website. The front, consumer face of the website was clunky and outdated, and in desperate need of a remake.

So we embarked on a completely clean look for the website, with the fantastic images of the work that Sally does being front and center at all times. Creating a sense of texture was very important, hence a focus on wood grains and clothing in all the images used throughout the site.


It was also especially important for Sally, as a certified professional organiser, that the website be easy to understand and navigate. So a focus on clean and simple geometric shapes, limited effects and moving parts, along with a very simple organisational hierarchy were the name of the game with this site.

The website has been developed on a WordPress platform, making it easy for Sally to add in new images as projects happen and images become available. Its also provides a quick and easy way for Sally to update new publications, change the wording of particular items and generally make the changes that every business owner needs to over the life of a website, without having to pay additional fees for updates to a web host. WordPress creates a fantastic, user friendly back-end content management system (CMS) for any website, and is completely customisable, allowing you to have a wonderful looking website, if you use the right designer and developer combination. The website is a fantastic showcase of the work that Sally does, and provides a clean and easy to use experience for her customers.


If you feel like your website could use a bit of a brush up in terms of its functionality and its visual appearance, get in touch with me at any time for a completely obligation free assessment of your current website, and a general chat about what is possible to make change in your website.

Special thanks must go to both Jai Grimshaw and Aleks Manouf for their tireless work on the code side of the website. Without these gentlemen, the website would not have been possible.

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